Friday, May 19, 2006

Coastersride - s/t

Coastersride s/t 7" (Savage, 1997)

First off, sorry for the delay (though why we are apologizing for givingyou free shit "not on time" is beyond me). Our Magic MP3 Making Machine has been making strange sounds lately. Kicking it doesn't do shit. Neither does shaking it. We'll figure out something.

Remember back in the late 70s when you picked up any record that looked new wave or punk? Of course you don't. But you do remember buying those same singles in a used bin some time in the 1990s. When you got home, sweaty in anticipation, your hands shaking, you place the new score on the turntable, drop the needle that The Doll 7" that had such a cool sleeve sucks hard. Thus the cliche "Don't judge a record by its cover" gains meaning.

The same lesson is applicable to records that have shitty covers. Take today's fodder. If I saw this Coasterride 7" sitting in a record bin circa 1997, I wouldn't have picked it up. A guitar and the band's name does not beckon me to buy. Add to the lesson don't judge a band by its name. Coasterride? My god, are these guys foriegn? In fact, they are.

Coasterride were a mid to late 90s punk band from, you guessed it, Japan. This Teengenerate insipired kerrrang is their only single, released on Sweden's Savage Records label. Enjoy. --Scott S.

They have a split 7"EP with Teeny Frahoop on Koga (1st Gimmies single, etc) and several scattered compilation tracks, all of which are good...but nowhere near as powerful as this 45.
That typeface they've used accentuates the very un-punk association their name has with popular English entertainers of the day, Ride, doesn't it? Cover certainly says also-ran shoegazers to me. And what a kickass recording it is! Thanks.
The bass player is in The Have Nots and I imagine the other members are in other bands currently...
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