Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Astro Zombies / Sound Bite House

Astro Zombies / Sound Bite House Split 7" (Poe/Rotten Roll, 1993)

What I know about the Astro Zombies is what I got from Billy Syndrome's Slutfish Records website. The Zombies were from Brooklyn and lasted from 1991 to 1994. They put out 3 records, comped on a CD by Slutfish in 2002.

Billy writes "All hell would brake loose whenever the zombie mobile rolled into town to some unsuspecting dive. The Astro Zombies would book themselves to play "music" at bars in the middle of nowhere and then show up and wreak the place. First DJ Drunken Pat would turn on the blender he had sitting on his turn table and make this toxic mixed drink called the astro zombie which was offered to those who dared at the front of the stage. It was so strong you'd turn into a zombie. People would be stumbling mindlessly when the bass player, Jim Beam would start blowing himself up with firecrackers and hurl garbage bags of bloody meat at people in the audience. Usually the club owners would freak out at the out of control mayhem that resulted. They'd usually turn the power off midset but by then it was too late. Half the people had already left, The Astro Zombies made a mess and would never play that bar again. It was back in the zombie mobile and off to another unsuspecting town."
(For more on the Astro Zombies and the zombie mobile, check out the Slutfish site.)

The "Hey maaaaaaannnnnnn!" undercurrent and Syndrome's detailed history, leads me to think that this was one of old Billy boy's 8 zillion bands.

Here is a cut from the Astro Zombies split 7" with Sound Bite House. Enjoy some great sludgy psychedelic garage punk. --Scott S.

Cool...thanks for posting this...I've had this for YEARS (ordered it through Max R&R back in the early 90's), and knew NOTHING about these guys...

Hey this rules. Saw these bands several times. How about the Sound Bite House cut?
was this part of the split 7" series that Sound Bit House would advertise in MRR and give away for free hoping that you would "donate" some money? I have a SBH/Youth Gone Mad split...YGM being the better side-SBH, if I remember right, was unlistenable. I never did send in my donation for the record.
Hmmmm.no soundcard on my comp = not being able to comment on the music here, but I do know that I saw this band with Disrupt, Dropdead, Taste of Fear and a bunch of other noisy thrashers in Albany, NY circa 1992 and all I remember is that I remember nothing. Maybe the live show didn't quite warrant the hype?
I remember the static fests
Saw Sound Bite House Torrnets on Demonoid
I was leads singer of the Asto-Zombies, Billy Syndrome wasn't in the band, we used to gig together and I never knew he was such fan til he approached me to put out the Compilation CD. If Simon really saw us, he'd remember, we used to blow up ourselves with fireworks and ritually dismember ourselves on stage.
Anyone have contact info for Karl Lund/Cleve Lund, guit player for Astro Zombies? Have some film to return to him. timnyc60@yahoo.com
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