Monday, April 17, 2006

Tonight - 1978

Tonight 1978 7" (Freaked Out Frequencies, 1997)

Tonight were yet another fantastic Japanese band, and one of the more underrated punker bands working the Registrators-Teengenerate vein. They only ever put out 7"ers and some comp tracks, which means that they get a little overlooked as the years mosey by. There's not alot to say about this, it's just a powerhouse punk single (with an amazing Bags cover) on a label that has never put out a bad 7" ... it's just that they only released one every two years or so is all. The difference maker for this EP is the production; many Japanese bands are utterly sabotaged by unsympathetic studios that suck the guts out of their sound, as most infamously displayed by the Registrators' 'Terminal Boredom' LP. C'mon guys, I like that LP as much as anyone, but it has no 'ass', no bottom end. If Tonight had put out a full-length like this ...

We give you all 3 tracks for this one. Rock. -Ryan W

You can hear plenty bass on Terminal Boredom...when you have a bassist as good as Ren, you make sure you can hear the main complaint is how faint the rhythm guitar is on that record.
No mention of the fact that "Animal Call" is a Bags cover?
"(with an amazing Bags cover)"
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Sarcasm aside, I have a nasty habit of's true. It's also true that my last post was a Bags cover. They originally posted it in 1978 on the Dangerhouse messageboard, which was a purple ditto sheet circulated by carrier pigeon.
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