Saturday, April 08, 2006

Spider Babies - s/t

Spider Babies s/t 7" (Rat City, 1994)

This is a band that is far from obscure amongst garage punker types; I think these cats must've put out as many records as almost any other 90's band you could mention, other than the New Bomb Turks. Their sound slightly changed over time from bad-assed roller-rink punk (featured here), to a more 1979/80-referenced punk take padded with graphic sexual references galore ala a less coprophiliac GG Allin, which is what the band is best known for. I think all that laid-on-thick sex stuff, which was eye-rollingly DOA at the time, will age just fine like most punker stuff does once potential audiences are a few scene 'generations' removed from it. I mean, lots of scenesters back in the day thought the Dead Boys sucked ass, were like a WWF version of punk, panderers, etc. ... it all worked out in back catalogue land. This 'Babies track, their 'theme song' from their debut ep, is a fine example of how bands were updating the more directly 60s-obsessed garage stuff of the very early 90s with a dash of modern punk energy, especially in the guitars.

Membership in the Spider Babies mutated over time, some of the Exploding Hearts serving honorably at one point or another. As mentioned previously, the Spider Babies have lots of records floating around, some rarer than others. I would assemble the complete collection now, as there probably ain't ever gonna be a reunion phase for this Portland, OR institution. -Ryan W.

This was the version of the band worth hearing...the later stuff paled in comparison (one version of the Dwarves was plenty, thanks).
I agree...the early version of the band with the organ player was totally ace!
by any chance does anybody have the early 7"s on mp3?... i am from Australia so it is damn near impossible to find any spider babies stuff.

But i have heard quite a bit, and i love them. But haven't heard any with the organ.. i imagine it to be kind of like the undertakers...
if so, can you email
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