Monday, April 24, 2006

Retardos - Come On Back

Retardos Come On Back 7" (Super Teem!, 1995)

Definitely one of the weirder-looking groups that passed through garage circles in the 90s were these Retardos, a singles-only outfit that graced a few stages in the middle of the decade. The singer was a real Tallee, so much so that he probably got dusted with a little snow a few months back if he's still a California resident these days. Another member looked like an extra from Deep Space Nine, I can't place the specifics, just Local Color. That guy in the shades, he was in the Fevers later on. The lads and lasses are playing on this with a fully stacked 'early-90s edition' garage deck, which means they haven't blended in any of the early 80s-ish punk raging that was starting to muscle into the 'garage' scene courtesy your Registrators, Problematics, Pleasure Fuckers, etc., nor any of the late 70s stuff that was obsessing your Stitches or Humpers. Which made them retro-1991 rockers in 1995.

This was on the then-new Super Teem! label, as Darren transitioned his music empire from the Radio X moniker and was releasing the early Donnas 45s as well. I can't say these Retardos deserved a triple LP or anything, but their two 45s on Super Teem! are mid-90s garage at its meatiest. -Ryan W.

My buddy Big Dave M. is now going under the moniker of "Viva", and last I heard, fronts a band in NC called "Jet Black".
ha, i used to play with doug, the bald dude in the glasses.

i love this record tho.
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