Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lili Z. - Let's Go

Lili Z. Let's Go 7" (Polly Maggoo, 1998)

Whats ya wanna know bout dis one? Lili Z. is for Zeller grew up among chocolate and cattle way up high in Switzerland. That cow-country couldn't contain this miss so she packed her bags and headed to Paris. What she brought to Gay Pairee was a nice satchel of noise.

Released in 1998, Lili's debut was recorded in 1990. Lili recorded it in her bedroom on a four track, she playing all the instruments. Soon after she joined the No Talents, an excellent punk rock group in their own right. Did some more home recording which resulted in a great 10". After the No Talents, she started a band with a nogoodnik named Jacques (aren't they all) and a couple thugs. They called themselves the Splash Four. The Splash Four released some great records. Moving on, Lili and that Jacques character took the brutish FX from S4 and became VOLT. Sometime after that she did another solo 7" for S-S Records which is now out of print. Here you get two from Lili's debut. One is an original, the other is a cover of a classic by The Urinals. No many were made. Good luck finding it. -Scott S.

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