Friday, April 21, 2006

God is My Co-Pilot - How I Got Over

God is My Co-Pilot How I Got Over 7" (Ajax, 1992)

Here's a few from this New York City queer art punk skronk collective. GMCP wasn't alone in making free jazz influenced racket. Chicago had a pretty tasty scene going on under the name Now Wave and supported by Skin Graft Records. How I Got Over features John Zorn on sax & vocals. Not only is the squeal pretty distinctive you can also hear Zorn's grind obsession, something that also rules his Naked City. For reasons beyond my comprehension, GMCP records are pretty easy to find cheap. Puzzling given that they are 1. good, 2. not much different than what you hear on contemporary labels like Not Not Fun, Load, and White Denim, and 3. they were made by one of queer punk/homocore's pioneers. --Scott S.

definitely one of my favorites growing up. I often dig out these old records and they are always great. except for the later ones- they got really sickenly cute.
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