Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ulan Bator Trio - Stereo Hi-Fi

Ulan Bator Trio Stereo Hi-Fi 7" (Discos Alehop!, 1996)

So I'm sitting at a desk late at night looking online for information on the Country Teasers, hm, which of their EPs do I lack? Slowly sliding the Mauser out of my mouth, I find the listing for their most recent 7" waxing, that weird paste-on-sleeved EP that came out on a Spanish label in 2004 and vanished overnight. Hm, the Discos Alehop! label, interesting, let's see what else they've put, a whole slate of bands I've only vaguely heard of or have never heard tell of at all. A band pops out, that's an interesting name, the Ulan Bator Trio, so a google search gives me a strange Spanish webpage with some of their MP3's. Wow, these guys were fantastic! A dirty, buzzing wall of feedback that sounds like someone shrinkwrapping a furniture set. The page subsequently disappears, taking the MP3's with them. Rats. My life is a little colder. I beat the dog.

A year later I win the EP that we've posted here via the Very Evil Ebay website (Don't Smoke Either, Kids! And help Muhammad Ali Fight Tooth Decay!) and now I can somewhat duplicate that page of MP3's from 2004 or so. For any American types out there, can any of you honestly say you had heard of these guys, I mean, really? I am fully aware that the '90s were not exactly a great era for alot of continental garage-punk type bands; for every Crash Normal or Cave Dogs there were a dozen Italian surf-psych records or a dozen muscle car droolers (badly) aping the New Bomb Turks; and I used to regularly bait the Euro inadequacy in MRR reviews, so skipping the whole area's output could have been excused as an exercise in musical and collecting self-preservation. Because of that terrible bias, I had to wait until I was nearly 70 years old to hear the Ulan Bator Trio.

Here they are, three tracks from the "Stereo Hi Fi" EP, and they have another EP and an LP as well, as it turns out. And they made their own guitars out of junk, and I think their drummer played with animal bones, it looks like. And the internet continues its relentless assault on parochialism, shining some light on a cult scene band from Spain. -Ryan W.

Hi there!
they're from Valencia, still playing every now and then, but now they're called Los Borbones (controversial name because they say they come from Mongolia, so they're "mongoles" which also means mentally retarded in spanish, and Borbones is the surname of the spanish royal family...) Before the Ulan Bator Trio, they were called Royal Canin but they had problems with the company that sells food for dogs with the same name and they had to change it. All instruments they play are handmade and Paloma has a record/clothes shop in Valencia, Confecciones Dracula (they've got webpage if you're interested) and she also organizes the Funtastic Dracula Carnival every year in Valencia.
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