Friday, March 17, 2006

The Persuaders - Van Ride

The Persuaders Van Ride 7" (Royal, 1998)

There ain't a lot more you can say about Van Ride other than it is one evil sounding song. The fucking thing creeps up on you like a stalker and drags you into the woods for a night of wickedness. Produced by Jack Oblivion, one of New Orleans' greatest punk bands ever pounds out three great songs, the best of which is the aforementioned monster, Van Ride.

The Persuaders were Shaggy, Jason Craft, & King Louie. Formerly of the Royal Pendeltons and soon after doing his one man band thing, as well as Bad Times and Kajun SS (as well as stints in the Exploding Hearts and others), Lou is the heart and soul of this scuzz black mob, a gang that has two Flying V guitars as its weapons.

This is another excellent release by Royal Records. I believe it was a 500 run, though if I am wrong I am sure some French creep will correct me. The Persuaders released a LP on some Swedish label, which isn't quite as good as this pup. They broke up before they overstayed their welcome. - Scott S.

what else did these guys put out? anything obtainable?
The swedish label was Savage Records, you'll find them on

Persuaders also released a split with The Blacks from Sweden.
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