Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Paska - Hetrosapiens

Paska Hetrosapiens 7" (Human Wreckords, 1997)

You would think that twenty years down the road there would be no question that punks could either count past four or had no need for numbers whatsoever. But that isn't the case. In punk rock there has always been a punk rock orthodoxy, whether it shows itself as political or musical, it is there. I am sure someone somewhere will listen to this one and think "This is not punk rock." Yup. Next thought.

Paska is a one-man band from Finland. He plays one instrument, his mouth. With his mouth he makes a hell of a lot of noise. His first record came out in 1989 on the legendary Bad Vugum label. This one is his fourth. He has played with tons of bands and continues to perform today. For more about him see this. -Scott S.

Now this is Rock and Roll
didn't this guy do Ace of Spades as well?
This RULES!!!
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