Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lil Bunnies - s/t

Lil Bunnies s/t 7" (Moo-La-La, 1995)

It has come down this: The debut 7" of Sacramento's most fabled bands (and you thought that honor went to Tesla). According to the band, the Lil Bunnies is the result of a vivisection experiment gone awry. The scientists doing the experiment slipped up and the lasers they were using bounced off the bunnies they were cutting up and back at them. Somehow the scientists ended up as man rabbits with a hard-on for humanity, bent on destroying the world through music. Others argue that they are just a bunch of schlumps in pink tights, combat boots, pink stocking masks, bunnie ears and black sunglasses. Such is the nature of the Lil Bunnies that seeing one of it's (former?) members around Sacramento is akin to spotting a war criminal in Bolivia. You don't just walk up to one of them and say, "Hey, aren't you Klaus Barbie?" That being the case, you just don't ask them to clear up this mystery.

The Bunnies crashed an Easter parade and played 6 shows, the last of which was the infamous Gilman Street show, where they set a record for the shortest set played before getting the power turned off (5 minutes) for hitting some guy with a guitar. Other shows featured an entrance in a pink Lincoln with a sawed off top and bunnie ears attached to the front. And then there was the Easter Day release show for this record where they sat on the stage in lawn chairs and threw eggs at the crowd while playing the record on a fucked up Fischer Price record player.

This record was initially pressed in a run of 300, 200 of which were sold out of one store in Phoenix, Arizona, a feat which gave the Lil Bunnies number one slot in Rolling Stone's indie charts. Two pressings of 300 followed. All are on pink vinyl and in hand painted sleeves.

The Bunnies followed this masterpiece with the Unabunnie 7", Get Out of My Bunnie Hole 7", and 20 Children's Favorites LP, a record the label which put it out called the worst record ever made. Here you get four songs out of six. Three are originals. One is a cover of an Electric Eels song. Recorded by the Tiki Men's Micah Kennedy at The Loft. --Scott S.

Man this is so awesome.
Great record and all but writing up *your own* band?
My own band?! Nasty rumors started by my enemies. I just had the misfortune of putting out one of their records and have since been linked to the band. Kinda like Italy throwing in with the Krauts in WWII only to figure out a few weeks before the war's end that they made a mistake. I have come to accept that I will always have this rabbit hanging around my neck and will have to deal with the shame and the nasty facial tic that this guilt has manifested.

Note there is no log rolling there, just a straight rundown of the Lil Bunnies. I make no claim that the band is good or even worth a listen. I will sell you some Lil Bunnies records though.

PS Please sign your name
you can thank the two merry pranksters (michael p. & steve green) at eastside records in tempe (phx) for their unabashed luv of the li'l bunnies + the subsequent movement of units en masse. i don't think i ever saw that store hype a record so relentlessly...
How is the legend of Tales Of Terror in Sacramento these days? Fun site, keep it up.
holy shit!

i found the "get out of my bunnie hole" 7" for like a quarter a year ago and my mind was blown

utter slop!!!!

so awesome that there is more out there by this insane band
I also liked get the fuck off my rabbit hole.
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