Monday, March 13, 2006

The Kirks - Get Out

The Kirks
Get Out 7" (Cup O'Knowledge, 1997)

Just some straight ahead punk bashing from our new-old friends the Kirks, who hailed from the state of New Hampshire if I'm not mistaken. If they are from Vermont, I am deeply, deeply sorry. You can hear the New Bomb Turks on this record, dontcha think? I think they were trying to be totally 'garage', well, they end up totally 'punk rock'. This was their first EP, which came out on this emo-ishly named record label whose only output was this single single. The Kirks barely toured outside of their home state, but I think that's just par for the course for a garage-punk singles band circa 1997. A shame, they could've been bigger than...the Gimmicks?

The Kirks put out a couple more 45s on Euro labels like Royal, any one of which would be suitable fare for this blog. In fact, I think we'll do another in the future. -Ryan W.

This single smokes. Even the Radio Birdman cover is aweseome. I've got the High School Reject one as well, and that's another goodun. This can't be too hard to find, right?
-Young Steve
Hello, this is Brother Jim, drummer from The Kirks. I've got the "Get Out" EP in MP3 format if anybody wants it. Just e-mail me at
Smash yr head on the punk rock!
Hi. Brother Jim, drummer from The Kirks here. You can listen and download all three of our records here:

Thanks for listening!
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