Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Chinese Millionaires - White Collar Criminals

Chinese Millionaires White Collar Criminals (Punkity Rockity, 1995)

Nineteen ninety-five was still mostly treble-central in garage-punk circles, so this first record by the Chinese Millionaries really came out of the blue with its bass-heavy, raw-throated attack. You got a sense that there was a big pile of humanity behind the microphone, a vision that was finally realized when I saw them play in San Francisco. All four songs on this thing are damn fine aggro Detroit punk, but the two covers (not here, get cracking) were especially well chosen: that bass really adds a gut rumble to their take on the Real Kids' 'Reggae Reggae'. Not many bands can pull off this type of sound, as you usually end up with head-nodding tedium with this sonic approach (see: later Hookers), but these guys had it down.

This EP was reissued by the fine folk at Demoltion Derby some years later, which was a good thing as even in the late 90's the original press was pretty hard to track down, especially since (like the Motards first) there was no address anywhere on it. The C. Millionaries joined the Rip Off stable and got an LP out before the End. Some member(s?) ended up in the Metros before long. -Ryan W.

Door to Door Maniac is great, really cool feedback guitar.
great record. still play it, yep.

more stuff wasn't as hot, but still good.
this band is one of my 90s faves. other singles were great but nothing tops this one. rip off lp is a classic of that label but most dont agree. their comp songs were where its at for this band esp arsenic city off half assed will travel.
Jeez, I think I reviewed this for MRR at the time. Good one.
If you like the Millionaires, you should try to find an El Smasho ep. Deja's pre-Millionaire band. Good stuff.
Sadly, none of us ended up in the Metros, but most of us are still alive.

Thanks for the kind words.
They were from Lansing, not Detroit. The sticks. Even cooler, no?
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