Friday, March 31, 2006

Captain 9's & the Knickerbocker Trio / Fuckboyz - Most Small Fires

Captian 9's & the Knickerbocker Trio / Fuckboyz Most Small Fires 7"
(Heatpunch/Truth About Fonzie, 1992)

People speak of the cult of Hickey, but what about the cult of the Fuckboyz? This band had/has a madly frothing fanbase whose devotion extends far beyond their mere records and shows, veering into some nigh-Church of the Sub-Genius level of 'life organization'. At some point in the mid-'90s I only half expected door-to-door acolytes to start knocking on doors in the Mission asking if "we had heard the Good News? The Fuckboyz are playing tomorrow night!" Their records used to be everywhere, then by around 2000 they were NOwhere, as if the devoted had sent out fat-pursed purchasing agents to gather up all known Relics and return them to the mothership.

Anyhow, here's one of their tracks on an early split 7" with Stocktonians the Cap. Nines & the Knickerbocker Trio, who are surely one of those bands whose undeserved obscurity pretty much defines 'underrated'. On this record they play the role of Barabas, tacked up next to the Rock Stars but sharing the same fate. Both of these tracks are good, bouncy garage-level punk without any 60's affectations whatsoever. The 'Boyz have EPs dating back to the late 90's, and they were a great singles band, even spawning a tribute (!) 7". Cap. Nines have a bunch of good-to-great stand alone 7", especially the 'Hot Rails to Hell' EP, and their out of print LP on Rip Off would be one of the surprise finds of the mid-decade for many, sort of akin to a lost Fells LP. Seek, my children! -Ryan W.

The Captain 9's LP on Rip Off is awesome, as is the Sack-Shit single (the only other record by them I have).
most of the Hickey and Fuckboyz singles & live shows are being archived on - including both that were on this record.
Ii dug that Capt. 9's stuff back then.
The Mission sure ain't the same now is it?
Pre disco-hipster fixed-gear metrosexual era was better in this neighborhood I think, although I see less punk junkies these days.
That could be the company I'm keeping these days though. THAT SHIT SUCKS.
Nice post, great site.
capt. 9's head honcho tom hutchinson recently compiled all their recordings onto one cd and they did a one-off release show. don't know where you can buy the thing now, but a little searching should turn it up. if nothing else you can contact him via the knockoffs on myspace or something.
okay, so apparently you can only buy the capt. nines cd at knockoffs shows. figures. you can download some other tracks here:
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