Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Seculars - Social Skills

The Seculars Social Skills 7" (360 Twist, 1998)

This Seculars EP is one of the records that fueled the creation of this here blog, being a 45 with a fairly generic cover on a label notorious at the time for putting out, frankly, mostly trad 60's b-team garage material. This EP was born to lose. This record is one of this label's few success stories, however, along with the odd Headcoats 45.

The Seculars have a relentless rushing urgency running through them that recalls some of the early amateur-hour hardcore bands of the very early 80's, just prior to the abolition of speed limits, that sound like teens (or post-teens) all fucked up on freedom and cheap, used equipment, bashing away into the small hours. The brief spoken bits that break up said bashing seal the deal.

Every copy I've ever seen of this thing has been promo-punched. The label went under just a few months after this EP's release, which means there must be a bunch of these things moldering in a garage somewhere. Re-release! -Ryan W.

This record rules. I urge you all to download the files as quickly as possible...
I should add that my copy's promo punched, too. Weird.
...I can add that my copy is NOT promo-punched...
Add another to the column of "owns a promo punched copy" for me. I remember when it came out, and playing the shit out of it. Great post.

I know, a comment a year after the original posting but I just found a copy here in Chicago a few days ago for $2 that is not promo punched. Glad to finally have found a copy of the EP, thanks for tipping me off to it. Another one of the records I missed when it came out.

I finally listened to this-- damn, what a wild-ass and chaotic record! Screaming vocals, wild drum pounding and loud guitar- I would have loved to have been at the recording session to see the energy level. The tune "Social Skills" is my top pick! I never would have picked up this record had I not seen your posting since the cover is generic and it was on the semi-crummy 360 Twist label. I was turned off to that label back in '97 after buying a few of their ho-hum 60's-ish releases.

great single.
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