Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Leather Uppers - Pantsuit Party

The Leather Uppers Pantsuit Party 7" (Famous, 1992)

Two piece bands may have currently captured the hearts and charts of wide-eyed drunks across the planet, but back in the early 90's there were but a few hardscrabble pioneers who insisted on the Less is More philosphy; your nascent Bassholes for one, and these Canuck bashers for two. These guys were one of the funniest bands to come out of 90's garage-punk, and take that in the right spirit folks, I'm not talking about Frank-Zappa-funny here. These guys were 'seriously funny', like, the Mayor of D.C. getting-caught-smoking-crack-funny. I would draw an aesthetic parallel to a certain LA punk band of the early 80's, but you listeners can make the call yourselves. This is their debut disc, released just prior to their emergence as a full-fledged three piece that is their best known incarnation, that being the lineup that ripped off the 'Ok, Don't Say Hi!' CD masterwork whose genius necessitated an 8-years-after-the-fact VINYL reissue. People who like 'riffs' will certainly enjoy this debut platter as well, seeing as how it is bringing off a fine balancing act between trebly punk and arty garage. This 'Pantsuit Party' Ep is their hardest vinyl to track down and the other tracks we're leaving off are great too, especially 'Plastic Hassle', so hop to it, they are currently only available on this slice of colored vinyl.

The Uppers
, rejuvenated by the response to the 2002 LP reissue, are apparently active again at their O.G. playing weight. Hope you all made their Feb 3rd show with Career Suicide. Yup. Punks. -Ryan W

Live show at Gonerfest II: Electric Goneroo confused some, delighted more! Quite dandy!

new "Bright Lights" lp/cd upcoming on Goner continues the string of great full-lengths to 2 in what, 12 years?!?

carreerists they ain't! great they is!
Used to see this band all the time, always to the delight of music fans and often to the amusing confusion of local mohican types. Best, most mismatched bill ever must've been the Leather Uppers opening for, and wiping the floor with, a particularly sad, senile incarnation of MDC in Guelph, Ontario circa 1992.

Seeing them with Career Suicide is almost incentive to move back to Toronto...well, OK, maybe not.
Evreyone who cares probably already knows that their live set at Gonerfest2 is available at Youtube. mphis
These guys immediately appealed to me much in the same way that MOTO did and there are some comparisons to be made between the two especially in the non-Zappa humour way although, of course, the Uppers are Canucks and take their fashion cues from the Queen of the Squares...
I miss the Leather Uppers...and also missed the reunion gig.
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