Friday, February 17, 2006

The Cave Dogs - The Hellraisers Vol 1

The Cave Dogs The Hellraisers Vol. 1 7" (Kill Yourself Punkarrecords, 1998)

Way back in 1998, I was still dumb enough to trade records with record labels that I knew nothing of. I would go by the label's description, trusting that "eclectic, high energy punk rock" was something like The Ex, not the ska-punk it turned out to be. The hit/miss ratio was so weighted toward miss, I gave up trading records. Though the misses were many, there were a few hits and the Cave Dogs' The Hellraiser's 7" is one of them.

You wouldn't know how damn good this thing is by looking at it. The cover is a cliched graveyard cartoon. The label really didn't put out any exceptional records (other than this), and pretty much the same can be said of the label it morphed into (Rockin' Bones). The band that followed, Killer Klown, is nothing special. It is from Italy, a country whose punk rock high occurred between the bands of Tampax and Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, so 1977 - 1983. BUT, never judge a record by the cover. Drop the needle.

This Cave Dogs (I believe there was also a mediocre alt. band of the same name) is great! From Torino, they existed from 1991 to 1994 and are considered, by some, to be the fathers/mothers of Italian garage punk. This two girl/two boy band never released anything while they were alive and are credited with only this after-the-fact release and a comp track. Too bad. This stuff is great. Full bore garage punk that sits nicely between Stooges and Mummies type of noise. Strip the Italian accent and throw on some fuzz and the Cave Dogs would not be out of place in then mid 80s Aussie/Kiwi scene. No bass on this, just a raw organ in its place.

666 made. -SS

Absolutely amazing music.I'm trying to find a copy of that records for myself now.This band was unkonwn to me.Thank you for making me discover that great band.Awesome blog!
There indeed was an alt. band of the early 90's called the Cave Dogs. They were actually pretty decent in a power pop sort of way.

I really need to get caught up on the stuff you've been posting here. Nice site.
I'm liking this.
Funny, I picked up a Cavedogs CD in the early 90's, assuming they were a punk band, because the title was "Joyrides For Shut-Ins," and they turned out to be a really catchy pop band. Now I feel somewhat vindicated.
I came across this post just before writing my own review of the "other" Cave Dogs. They were far from mediocre. And no need to qualify it as "in a power pop sorta way." It was great in a rock n roll with great melody sort of way.
Hey I was in that band (the italian one), and I must admit it's really weird to read such an enthousiastic review after ten years...huh...almost 15 years since we stopped playing.

You mention that half the band became the Killer Klown which is correct but you didn't say that the other half became the Two Bo's Maniacs (not that I expect you to know us, but I tell you because we've done a bunch of records too).

By the way if anyone reeeeally want to hear that Cave Dogs stuff, I'm sure we still have a bunch of copies somewhere around the house...

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