Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Budget Girls - Get in Your Ear

The Budget Girls Get in Your Ear 7" (Planet Pimp, 1996)

The best introduction to Toe Rag Studios and the work of Liam Watson would be an Armitage Shanks record. Unfortunately for this project and fortunately for you, the Shanks have been well served by a CD anthology of their 7"s, something we here at Static Party encourage you to invest in. We could also throw a cut by Thee Headcoats or Thee Headcoatees to you, but their work has also entered the digital age. That leads us to this great little piece of plastic, the debut 7" of the Budget Girls.

The story goes that these are two American ex-go go girls who stumbled upon some London garage punk lads and made a record. Perhaps so, perhaps not. It doesn't really matter. What does is matter is that this pup is a great sounding record. Raw, sloppy, and smart ass, it has all the earmarks of a Shanks record (who happen to play on it). It has the sound of a Damaged Goods record (the folks who released it in the UK) and the novelty factor of a slab from Planet Pimp, the wonderful label of Sven-Erik Geddes, San Francisco man about town and tastemaker.

I'd like to have more to write but I don't. I mean, what am I gonna add, that Teri & Kristen are two mega babes? You have eyes, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.

This record is very easy to find. --SS

I rather like their LP "On a Tight Budget," also Damaged Goods.

Scott G.
Their stuff is consistently great. I'm a big BG fan, so thanks for another great entry.

The Budget Girls have an incredible "answer song" to "Mama, Please Don't Go Topless." And they recently recorded an homage to Chicago's hot dog superstar Hot Doug's. Classic.

Oh, and it's Christen, with a Ch. She runs Busy Beaver Buttons.
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