Friday, January 27, 2006

Engine Boo - s/t

Engine Boo s/t 7" (Wallabies, 1996)

Like many Japanese bands, you've got to get past the name first. Engine Boo...o-kaaay...This four song Ep saw the light of day at probably the absolute peak of the 90's 7" saturation overkill (though you could make a case for '95), and I think this little treasure kind of got lost in the scrum. Four tracks of "Janglish" vox over fast stutter-stop punk straight out of the early 80's, and this 'Miyadera' at the mic has also further added to the translational difficulties on the last track by cramming an entire BBQ'd unagi into his maw. None of that stops this bullet train from slicing that schoolbus clean in half, trapper keepers and condoms flying all over the tracks. Vroom! Produced by Mr. Fink of Teengenerate.

This here Wallabies label was a pretty consistant trademark of quality for years, hell, their first record was the debut Teengenerate 7". Registrators? Guitar Wolf? Tonight? TV Killers? Collect 'em all (you, uh, can skip that McCrackins one...) And, since they were pressed up in the USA, they weren't that tough to track down at the time. More to come. -Ryan W

Cool! Sounds up there with early Registrators stuff, for sure.

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