Saturday, January 14, 2006

Electric Manchakou - Animal Man

Electric Manchakou Animal Man 7" (Helter Skelter, 1990)

You won't believe me, but there is fucking hair growing in the grooves of this record. Listen to the damn thing and tell me I am wrong. These guys are beasts: short, hairy, Italian beasts with one major Detroit fixation. From the initial guitar squall to the last "Huh," Electric Manchakou play Stooge. Nothing new, nothing original - in fact, this sounds much like Smack, the Finnish hair farmers from some years prior - but it is a good cheap pick up. What do I know about these guys? Nothing other than they did a couple more 7", one which is just as Stooged and another in which their hair goes electric. A cool three song ep which is pretty easy to find. -Scott S

I like their first single, "(Hey) The Human Guitar" (from '89), better, though this one is worth grabbing for those hooked on early Starfuckers (and who isn't). UK release, they look Italian but I was always confused on whether they were UK or Italy based. KI
Their names are pure Italiano!
yeah, they are...but remember, I had the UK single first, as I got it when I came out - you know how one hangs on to a paradigm for awhile???...KI
hi, i'm not italian nether inglish, just french from the south, but me and my band were based in london, fucking around....M D.
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