Monday, January 09, 2006

Chickenhead - Everything Must Go!

Chickenhead Everything Must Go! (4 1/2 Fingers, 1993)

I've always been surprised that Florida never turned out the wealth of great punk rock that states like California and Ohio has. Florida has a huge population. There are plenty of bored young people there with much to get pissed about. Hell, the tourists and the old people are thick enough to fill up a hundred 7"s of spite. But, no, aside from some classic late 70s / early 80s stuff (The Eat, Sheer Smegma, Roach Motel, etc.), the state really doesn't have a lot to show for quality punk rock wise. Less than Jake? Give me a fucking break! The endless stream of mediocre thrash bands. Yeah, right. Quality punk rock is what I wrote and that never means ska punk and rarely means tuneless thrash, especially tuneless thrash with metal licks throughout. I'll give you the Crumbs. The Crumbs were a good band. But there was no other Florida band in the 1990s as great as Chickenhead.

Fronted by Chuck Loose (later a Crumb) and driven by Iggy Scam (Scam zine, Miami, Onion Flavored Rings, etc.), and anchored by Buddha and Scott Crack Rock, Miami's Chickenhead put out one great ep of Black Flag meets Sick Pleasure punk rock. This is the kind of stuff we called street rock back in the 1980s, before young baldies and spikey head clone punx appropriated the term. Raw, fucked up, and anti-social makes for great fun with brilliant inane lyrics ("Do you like my car? / It was free because I stole it"). There is also a pop sense here that you do not hear in so-called pop punk. These songs are meant to be sung along to.

This is not a hard record to find and I encourage you to track it down. In order to push you toward acquiring it, you get only 4 of the six songs (all of them good)contained on this ep.
- Scott S.

I believe this band used dumpsters as distros. The dumpstered copies came with hand-written notes like "Hey Punko! Thanks for diving our record!" and shit like that.

Chickenheads in word and deed...the self-sabotaging approach!
chickenhead ruled. the real deal. i like the show where chuck lit himself on fire and ran into the crowd while people ran onto the stage to clunk away on the drums. in all fairness california produced just as many if not triple the amount of horrid ska punk and tuneless thrash bands around the same time. florida was busy growing superior oranges.

ps: chuck released a full cd discog a few years back in case you cant find the 7". try him...
do you know where i can download their demo?
hey! i just discovered CHICKENHEAD - through a strange MRR reference to what the band i'm in sounds like (in a review) - so, here's a funny question, do you think it'd be possible to post the tracks you would've posted again? i missed the boat. alternatively, i've been searching the internet to buy their 7"/discographies and have had no luck, do you know where i could buy anything? thanks so much! billy
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