Monday, January 02, 2006

By way of introduction....

Hello. Welcome to another MP3 blog. As stated above this one is dedicated to dredging up some great records from the 1990s punk explosion. Some of the stuff profiled here will be very hard to find. Some of them you probably haven't heard of but you will be able to google and find a copy for $3. And some you might have heard/heard of and forgotten. We do this because there were a hell of a lot of great 7"s made in the 1990s, many of which got really poorly distribution or were buried in the vinyl glut created by the zillions of shitty indie bands using 7"s as their calling cards (thank god for the CDR!). We aren't too concerned with being loyal to punk's many subgenres but rather focusing on underground sounds. As Martha DeFoe & B. George wrote in Volume, "...the edges have been more actively sought out than the center. Exclusions are both passive and active. Haste and ignorance account for the inclusion of opportunists, fakes, innocents, and hanger-ons....the preference is of this catalogue is for self produced music." The first MP3 post should appear in the next couple of days, so check back real soon.
--Scott Soriano & Ryan Wells

Nomination #1 - NIGHTS AND DAYS "These Days / Lookin' ". Everyone must hear this.
I will be here on a regular (daily?) basis.
So the only years not in a "golden era" are 1985-1989. Sorry Jay, that rules out most of the Nights & Days output.
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