Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Cuts - Heart Attack EP

The Cuts Heart Attack EP (Lookout, 1999)

This debut by Oakland band The Cuts has the distinction of being:

1. One of the singles least worthy of being common Bay Area dollar bin fodder,

2. At the time, the best record Lookout put out in quite a while,

3. One of the best seven inches that Lookout released,

4. Probably the last good record that graced the Lookout label,

5. The precursor to two fine albums,

6. A look at Andy Freeze's pre-Time Flys rock & roll noise,

7. A reminder of why this band is much missed.

Here are two of three cuts. Find the single, 'cuz all the songs are killers.
--Scott S.

Heart Attack
Lady Killer

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