Saturday, April 11, 2009

Deche Dans Face - Germon et Fils EP

Deche Dans Face Germon et Fils 7" (Sub Pop, 1996)

Deche Dans Face second American release is in the unique position of being on a super high profile label, still available in dollar bins across the country, and largely unheard. I've plopped this gem into plenty of record fiends hands, people who've told me they've seen it around but never heard it. The only two reasons I can think of is that prior to Germon et Fils, Deche Dans Face had released two seven inches, one on a French label and one on an obscure US label - neither with very good distribution in the US. Second is that, by the time this came out, the Sub Pop name was so linked to grunge that garage punkers ignored their output. Add the two and you get a great piece of primitive garage pummeling that you should have no problem finding. Here you get one originaly a wicked pounder which reminds me of fellow Frenchies Crash Normal and a rowdy, racketty cover of Willie Dixon. No sampled here is a very worth-a-listen take on the Oblivions' "Jim Cole."

Merry Dickmass
I Just Want to Make Love to You

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Hearts Paid To Lie

Some Hearts Paid To Lie 2 x 45 (Wiiija, 1993)

Last Z Gun magazine reference, promise; in the latest issue is an article that attempts to sift through the psychic garbage that surrounds the "riot grrl" movement's actual musical output, up to roughly the end of 1995. It was determined after many hours of sequestered listening that one of the bands that comes off best in 2009 is an outfit that has already had some run on this blog: Skinned Teen. In the spirit of further exposure, here are a couple more tracks from their oeuvre, from a double 7" comp on London's WIIJA label.
Intelligent brat attack with ideal production and some ideas in the riffs dept. We've also included a Pussycat Trash song, one of the better tracks from their occasionally spotty vinylizations. Linus on here are kinda "eh", and Comet Gain don't need any exposure, they gots lots 'o fans alreddy. The Sound of '93! -Ryan W.

Pussycat Trash - Un Soul Less
Skinned Teen - Secrets
Skinned Teen - Swimsuit Blonde

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