Monday, December 01, 2008

Howardian / Nikki Light Brigade

Howardian / Nikki Light Brigade split 7" (Red Cloud, 1995)

Hey there, It's been a while. You're lookin' good. Yeah, I know, should have kept in touch, but you know how it is. Things. Stuff. But, you don't wanna hear about that. How you doing? How's ummmm Rob? Oh, you aren't seeing each other? Me? Things. Stuff. Ha ha! No, nothing going on. Who are the kids? They're a friend's. Just watching them for the afternoon, but I will be free later. Their names? This is Howardian. He's a little retarded. Doesn't play well with others and has a hard time with volume control. The older one is Nikki. She doesn't talk much. In fact, I don't think she's said a word all day. In one of those "woe is me" phases. But they are alright. Actually they are pretty good. So what are you doing later? Have any dinner plans? How about you and me go to the warf, get something to eat, and you know.... -SS

Howardian - Deluxeness
Howardian - Imperial Criminals
Nikki Light Brigade - Good to go/Pull the Trigger

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