Friday, April 11, 2008

Decoy X

Kitty Cat Spy Club / Teenagers Decoy X EP (Radio Trash, 1996)

While "South City USA!" was getting all the garage spotlight in the early-to-mid 90s Bay Area scene, there was apparently something brewing down south a ways, just past the San Mateo county seat of Redwood City. Little city called Palo Alto. One high school band called the Electrocutes, who also previously went by the name Ragady Anne. Got an EP out on this same Radio Trash label. They turned into the Donnas once the South City Talent Agency got ahold of them.

And, apparently, there were these two outfits running loose as well. Listening to them now you pick up a definite riot grrl-type sound running through their songs, I'm thinking early Frumpies. You know, that sort of basic surf or garage-influenced rock take with the "riot" aspect primarily in the vocals. But, in kinship with their zip codes mates the Ragady-Electro-Donnas, there wasn't a whole lotta boy-smashery or incest revelry in the lyrical dept; just a celebration of unwholesome teenage suburban degeneracy, party-time stylee!

There some some debate over how many of these things Radio Trash made, I heard either 200 or 300 as the likely pressing size. In any case, pick it up if it ever crosses your path, there's two tracks we left off that should sweeten the deal. And in response to any requests to post that Ragady Anne 45, eh, they're on Myspace, go on... -Ryan W.

Kitty Cat Spy Club - The Searcher
Kitty Cat Spy Club - See Ya Later Alligator
Teenagers - The Teenagers (Theme Song)
Teenagers - Kids from Rosendale High

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