Saturday, March 08, 2008

Stupid Fuckin' Hippie - River

Stupid Fuckin' Hippie River 45 (Eardrop, 1993)

Call me a stupid fuckin' asshole, but the '90s were not kind to the Stooges. Yeah, sure, that was the decade in which the band finally were universally recognized as God like. And it was in the 90s that the Funhouse box set came out. But, it was also the decade of the most Stooge Clone Bands Ever! T'was hard not to swing a dick without hitting a Junior Iggy. Every ass with some sass wanted to be Ron Ashton. And the result was hundreds of shitty Stooge-oid records. BUT there were some exceptions. This single by Columbus's Stupid Fuckin' Hippie is one of them. SFH hits everything you need to hit to pull of the Stooge influence. They have a rippin' guitarist, the vocalist lets in just enough Ig to flavor the song but not too much, and they write a song which, while it owes something to the Stooges, belongs to them. Great stuff here. - Scott S.

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