Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Stitches / Le Shok

The Stitches / Le Shok split 45 (GSL, 2000)

AKA Why Don't The Stitches Always Make Records This Great. Here is a split 7" of two bands where were the hot shit in their respected micro-scenes. The Stitches were the It band among the mini-77/pre-KBD revival dress up crowd; Le Shok were blowing away the post-emo/pre-screamo, white belted college students...and actually quite a few others. While The Stitches never matched Cars of Today, which is a fantastic tune, Le Shok shat out a nice pile of nifty singles, all of them in crazy color combos and limited variations. If you want to blame any contemporary band for the Let's Make 10 Copies on Red Vinyl, Call It A Tour Edition, And Float Them On Ebay So Some Trust Funder Can Pay For Our Tour By Buying It trend, point the finger at Le Shok, but don't discount the handful of very good to very fine singles they made.

I don't know how many of this one were made in what kinds of colors. I do know that it is very much worth seeking out for Cars of Today, a song that you will play over and over and over again. And a nice touch that both songs start with sound effects. -- Scott S.

Color /format: clear pink/yellow split 7"
(approx. 2,000 produced)
Year: 2000
Color /format: black 7"
(approx. 1,000 produced)
Year: 2001
Color /format: pink 7"
(approx. 1,000 produced)
this is really good. in fact everything is really good. finding this blog has given my life meaning. thank you thank you thank you.
Cars of Today is probably my least favorite stitches 7 ever...still pretty wild, though.
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