Friday, April 20, 2007

Steel Wool - Devil's Night!

Steel Wool Devil's Night 45 (Bag of Hammers, 1994)

Yet another from the nigh-bottomless Bag Of Hammers label's Well of Quality, this one a snazzy-looking two-songer from a Pacific NW band that spread a decent amount of vinyl around on assorted labels to, eh, 'medium' levels of interest I would say. They sound a Tad like Mudhoney don't you think? Perhaps some folks dismissed them as mere sound-alikes but at the time I thought there was plenty of room for more worthies on that particular soundwagon and this 45 sounds just as keeno to me now. I mean, there's several bands toddling about in the right now that try to sound just like the Carbonas, or maybe the Reatards, or what have you, but that doesn't keep me from appreciating any resulting 'strong material'. True to tell, Steel Wool's LPs have too much filler on them, but who cares when they could rip off a great 45 like this one, and I'm so sure you shall agree that you get both sides. -Ryan W.

On the Mudhoney/Tad tip, anyone remember Willard? Caught them live at one of the few "grunge" band shows at the Warehouse in Stateline, NV in the early 90's. Great live and I remeber finding a cassette with UNSANE ripoff graphics that was okay.

Thanks for the Steel Wool!
Thanks for the Steel Wool 7". My bro and I have a blog dedicated to Seattle music from the 80s and early 90s (, and we've been thinking about doing a post on Steel Wool.
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