Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Man Tee Mans - s/t

The Man Tee Mans s/t 7" (Bag of Hammers, 1994)

Wow, we are turning into the Rob Vasquez Appreciation Socity around here at Static Party. Maybe we'll even get around to the band our site is named for one of these days, but for now we are satisfying calls to further illuminate the RV diaspora. The Man Tee Mans are probably the most 'laid back' of the the Rob-led units with vinyl in the 90s, it kinda sounds like they are all splayed out on their backs on the practice room carpet with a single boom mike hanging over them, surrounded by empty cough syrup bottles. Even on their putative theme song, you can almost hear their eyelids creeeeaaaak open to begin the chorus. Isn't it amazing how cool the most primitive guitar jangle can sound in the right context? Stoney baloney.

The Man Tee Mans only managed this lone 45, leaving, I assume, six or seven unreleased LPs in the can somewhere, don't you think? Yet another on the Bag Of Hammers label worthy of your time-delayed moolah. -Ryan W.

Thanks for posting this...one of the many singles I passed up when I had the opportunity.
Great 7"! Rob Vasquez can do no wrong! After listening to a steady diet of Night Kings stuff lately, I was a bit surprised at the different guitar sound of his on this record. But it's really grown on me over the last few weeks. The music totally sounds like they were messed up on cough syrup or some kind of drug(s).
Would it be possible for you guys to re-up this one. I got it from you back when I had my old computer, and have searched everywhere for it nowadays.

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