Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sunshine Super Scum - Two Reactions

Sunshine Super Scum Two Reactions 7" (Silt Breeze, 1996)

Ahhhhh, the joy of the one-off 7" EP. Sunshine Super Scum are from Nippon, but their music is from the center of the earth, molten fury played by angry art-brats on a mission. There is a great wildness on this 45, released on the always stimulating Siltbreeze label in the mid-90s (right in the middle of the 7" glut that has been referred to in other posts), a wildness born of several members' origins in the super-amoeboid musical organism commonly referred to as the Boredoms. Collecting the Boredoms many releases can be a pastime that would require you to not only attempt survival with only 2 liters of blood in your body, but to build that donated blood back up on a beans and rice diet. This 45, however, is not gonna break the bank to track down, trust me. These mere mp3s will not do it for you, either. We are talking one of the definitive examples of non-jerkoff mid-90s artpunk here, with a healthy dose of early 80s hardcore spazz, especially in that Ginn-flat guitar tone, oiu? Surprise! It was produced by Fink from Teengenerate.

I lied, the 'Scum have another 45 on the now-defunct Vinyl Japan label that is probably becoming alot more elusive than this platter, but I'll bet copies are all over the shops in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. What, you were planning on doing something else this weekend? -Ryan W.

I've got the first one, which predates this by three years. It's a good record, not least of all for the ridiculously attractive topless girl on the cover. Even if she does look like something out a 1930's German propaganda film.
This is a great record. I believe it was Bim Thomas who introduced me to its pleasures.
Hello,I'm a former member of s.s.s.
Thank you for dealing with us.
Now I stii making music in another band(but thou not punk rock style)
If you can be interested in,contactplease.
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