Sunday, August 24, 2008

Disasternauts - Backbone

Disasternauts Backbone 45 (self-released, 1998)

Mystery meat time folks, it's the Disasternauts 45! No label, no sleeve, only that Portland, OR address. And two great, no, fucking definitive late 90s punkeroos that are a mashup up everything that appeals out of the Devil Dogs/New Bomb Turks/open-collar vest school of "wide stance" garage rock. I know a little about the genesis of this thing: Portland roots, played around town in the 97-98 date range, didn't tour anywhere, had a planned sleeve but never got around to it, record never distributed beyond one-on-one handoffs and a now-defunct OR-based online mailorder. Beyond that scant whispering, only the songs serve as the band's headstone, which is as it should be. Beee-hold... -Ryan W.

My Dad's the Heat

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Jalla Jalla - Minnesota Plates

Jalla Jalla Minnesota Plates 45 (Hiljaiset Levyt, 1991)

Ahhhh if the first sounds that came to mind when hearing the words "pop punk" were as spot on as Jalla Jalla's "Minnesota Plates," the 90s sub-genre would be spared the ridicule it deserves for bands like Squirtgun, 15, and the Riverdales. To be fair, you can probably throw Finland's Jalla Jalla on that list, because other than this gem of a song, I haven't heard anything else that justifies their decade long existence. No big deal. Plenty of bands have lasted for longer with nothing good to show. At least these Finns have one stellar song. --Scott S.

Minnesota Plates

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